It’s that wonderful time of year when the the weather is beginning to change, Pumpkin Spice is getting popular again and yes…the new Apple devices are reaching our hands.

Upon getting your new device some users may see their Pocket Informant locked out. If you are still using Pocket Informant 4 this will likely happen to you. If you are one of the remaining users of Pocket Informant 4.94 for iOS and you are locked out we would love to help you.

Cool, why am I locked out of my beloved Pocket Informant on my new device?

That is a great question. Simply stated, Pocket Informant 4.94 for iOS cannot be unlocked any longer.  The application has been retired for a long time and has not been updated since early  2016.  Since that time technology has advanced and a side effect of that in the case of Pocket Informant 4.94 is that the unlock tool we had is not compatible with the new verification systems (the tool was vintage 2014 tech).

Moving to Pocket Informant 5 is the best solution.  This version of the application is highly rated (averages over 4.7 stars on over 3000 ratings) and carries forward the tradition of reliability and function that Pocket Informant built its reputation on.  Also moving to Pocket Informant 5 assures you of never having an outdated version of the application again.  You will always have the latest version of the application that your iOS/Device combination can support. (Pocket Informant 5 is currently available for iOS 12 or higher).

Pocket Informant 5 can also sync directly to Google and it has a current weather feed which are functions that Pocket Informant 4.94 can no longer support even when unlocked.

Sounds great but I’ve heard that Informant 5 is subscription based, I’m a long time Informant Sync subscriber, do I have to pay for TWO subscriptions now?

Not at all, as has always been the case you only need one subscription. That subscription can be to the Informant 5 application itself or to our Informant Sync service. The costs are the same as are the end results.

To help our users move from Informant 4 to Informant 5 and experience all that the application has to offer we have a special offer on a one year subscription. Please contact our support team and mention “Informant 4 to 5” for details on how to take advantage of this offer.

This offer only applies to Informant 4 iOS users migrating to Informant 5 for the first time.

Please contact support at the following link, our team will be happy to assist you.