Informant 5 for iOS 5.03

We are pretty close to putting out a beta for 5.03 on Informant 5 for iOS.  Here are some of the items that we plan to have addressed or fixed. Version 5.03 will continue to improve stability and various aspects of our user interface.  Here are just a few of the items being addressed in this release:

  • Some improvements to the new I5 View Picker
  • Force-touch change of start time on Apple Event isn’t reliable
  • Agenda view intermittently “loses” (or ignores) the calendar filter
  • Applying trigger with subtasks might crashing
  • Crash when picking a parent tasks from a filtered list
  • Pictures embedded in notes not syncing with Informant Sync
  • Contacts being duplicated in Address Book when being synced via Inf. sync
  • Printing shows some multi-day or repeating events incorrectly
  • Birthday events don’t show a picture from the contact (like PI4 did)
  • Fix: Force touch to remove start date on task also removed due date
  • Fix: Crash in Contacts View
  • Localization Improvements
  • A handful of time zone related formatting / logic / UI issues

Expected Schedule:
To Beta Testers:  Week of Jan 9, 2016
We expect 1-2 weeks to get through beta and release to all customers.

Informant for iOS 5.1

As soon as 5.03 is submitted to Apple, we will be working on a 5.1. Here are the main areas we’ll be focusing on for Informant 5.1

  • Lots of improvements to new Date/Time Picker
  • Improvements to new View Picker
  • Improvements to new Trigger feature
  • A native watchOS 3 app (complete with a watch face complication)