Do you want to sync Informant with Outlook? 

We have been quietly working on a new product that we are planning to name: Informant Sync for Outlook.  This will be a new option for people looking to sync their Informant data to Outlook on a windows PC with Microsoft Outlook.

We are currently seeking beta users who might have specifically “tough” sync situations.

  • International character data sets
  • Very large data sets

If you would like to participate in this beta you can find it here

How it works:  This product will be installed on your Windows PC. You MUST have a local version of Outlook.  (It will not work if you only have Office 365 for now). You must also have an Informant Sync account, although  you can easily create one of those.

What it will Cost:  Free for minimum of 2 weeks while in beta, (maybe longer). We are planning an Introductory price of $39.95 and a regular price of $49.95.   This price will be a one time purchase, and will include a free year of Informant Sync. In the 2nd year, you would need to keep your Informant Sync subscription for the product to work fully.  So $39 or $49 for 1st year, then just keep the same $25/yr subscription for Informant Sync or Informant for iOS, and that’s it!