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“We are insanely passionate, you might even say “Fanatic” about creating the best productivity tools for managing your personal productivity; Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Notes. Pocket Informant has been one of the leading brands in Mobile productivity for close to 2 decades, and remains as one of the best calendar & tasks apps you can find anywhere. “

Thoughts on Pricing

We have been having a lot of discussions with users regarding the new subscription and the pricing with which we launched Informant 5. The feedback we have received has been very helpful, even though not all of its positive. Pricing is one of those things...
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Informant 5 for Android – Wish List

Informant 5 for Android We are starting now to gather the list of fixes, changes and improvements for Informant 5 for Android. We are still early in the process. If you want to share your thoughts or feedback you can check out the following blog post, or the...
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Informant for iOS : 5.03 Bug Reports and 5.1

Informant 5 for iOS 5.03 We are pretty close to putting out a beta for 5.03 on Informant 5 for iOS.  Here are some of the items that we plan to have addressed or fixed. Version 5.03 will continue to improve stability and various aspects of our user...
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A New Year, A New Chapter…

In the mid-2000s I worked with Franklin Covey on a mutually beneficial partnership that brought Franklin Covey features to Informant and saw Informant distributed with Franklin Covey desktop software. In many ways it was the golden age of Informant as we...
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State of Informant – Part 2: Date/Time Picker

Ok - Informant 5.02 is out the door now and I've had some time to work on Part 2 of my little series here.  If you made it here, I'll assume that you've already read Part 1. If not, that's a great place to start! So in Part 1, I talked about some of my...
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Informant 5.02 for iOS is now available for Download

[Update 12/21/2016  11am CST  Informant 5.02 for iOS is available in iTunes. It should be available for download in your market within 24 hours] Informant 5.02 for iOS is just about ready to get submitted to iTunes for public release. It is currently with...
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State of Informant – Part 1: View Picker

Ok, so perhaps it's not quite as exciting as a "State of the Union", but after I wrote my first draft, it was just about as I broke this up into two parts. By now, Informant 5.01 has been released and I thought it might be a good time for me to...
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Some Tips for Using Informant 5

Here are a few of the common questions that have been coming up regarding navigation to certain features in Informant 5. Where is Settings?  How do I Turn Off "Dark Mode"?  How do I change colors?  How to Setup informant Sync: If you have an existing...
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Informant 5 Launch Summary: Comments, Complaints, and Compliments

[This Post has been edited since initial version] Informant 5 is now in iTunes.   (Get it here) We’ve created this blog post as a summary of the feedback that we’ve been getting regarding the new Informant 5 for iOS. You might find this post to be an...
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Informant 5.01 for iOS (Some bug fixes real quick)

[Blog Update Dec 8, 2016: 6pm Central time.  5.01 will be available for download from iTunes by 8am Friday Dec 9 2016] Informant 5 for iOS hit the app store on November 30th, 2016.  As of Dec 5 we have identified the following fixes to be released as part of...
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