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“We are insanely passionate, you might even say “Fanatic” about creating the best productivity tools for managing your personal productivity; Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Notes. Pocket Informant has been one of the leading brands in Mobile productivity for close to 2 decades, and remains as one of the best calendar & tasks apps you can find anywhere. “

Informant 5 – wow! What a response!

Wow! What a response! Our customers are fantastic. Truly special. I'm honored to be working with Chris, Tabetha, Keith, and Wesley to make this release a fantastic one. Yes, there are a few bugs - there always are. Chris is hard at work on a 5.01 and we've...
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Informant 5 is Now Available in iTunes

After a long wait, Informant 5 is now available in iTunes. Get it here:  ...
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Informant 5 Pricing & Launch Date Announced

Wow - there has certainly been a lot of discussion about the pricing on Informant 5. We have announced that we are moving to a subscription model and we had a lot of feedback. While many were very supportive (thank you for that!), we had a some who were not....
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Informant 5 is almost here and this is what you should know!

Informant 5. It's the Excalibur of Informant! The mythical major update we've been talking about for about 2 years now - and yes, it's no more a myth! In the next couple weeks, we'll be releasing Informant 5 and we're very excited to talk to you about some...
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Informant 5 Dark Mode

Informant 5 has both a light and dark mode. One of the difficulties of a dark mode is that Informant is very heavy on user-selected colors – for example calendar, tag, and individual event/task colors. How do you make a red calendar color usable on a dark...
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macOS Sierra and iOS 10 support

Apple yesterday released iOS 10 and will soon be releasing macOS Sierra At Fanatic we have a history of supporting the current and previous OS and we try to time our updates and versions around these major OS releases. Very soon we will be updating all of...
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All Quiet on the Western Front

Since I moved to Colorado a few years ago I have never really taken the time to figure out what part of the US we are officially in. Since I'm originally from New York and then Texas, I always considered Colorado the "West" and it looks like the US Census...
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Back to School

Remember when school started right after labor day here in the US? I hear that it still does in some parts of the States - but here in Colorado my school-age kids started school last week! I've got two boys in college - UCCS and JWU - one in high school, and...
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WWDC, Informant for macOS, and iOS

WWDC WWDC 2016 is done and gone and finally a week after its been done I've been able to pick through all the relevant info and get a good feel on what we need to do to move forward. Some of the more exciting things for me were the new Siri API (though I...
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Evernote Sync – what fun 🙂

We added Evernote integration to Informant years ago on mobile and we are now adding it to our Desktop version. This has been one of our biggest engineering projects in a year because we couldn't use any of the old mobile code for Evernote on OS X. The...
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