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“We are insanely passionate, you might even say “Fanatic” about creating the best productivity tools for managing your personal productivity; Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Notes. Pocket Informant has been one of the leading brands in Mobile productivity for close to 2 decades, and remains as one of the best calendar & tasks apps you can find anywhere. “

Just Call Us Old Faithful

We love it when people refer to their Pocket Informant app as “Old Faithful.” When something is called Old Faithful, it’s usually because it’s reliable and dependable—much like Old Faithful—the famous Yellowstone National Park geyser. Did you know that...
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Release Notes: Informant for iOS 5.37

Fixed: Issue where using FaceID to unlock Informant on an iPhone X would cause a crash at launch. Crash issue on Apple Watch when tapping the Next Event Improved: A few additional stability...
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Release Notes: Informant for macOS 1.0.4

Fixed: Regression in 1.0.3 that caused the “refresh now” menu item to no longer trigger a sync. Issue sending logs to support.
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Major Release coming for Informant for iOS 5

Major Release Coming for Informant for iOS 5 It has been just over one year since the release of Informant 5. Since then we have listened to feedback and made many changes. We have had 9 releases to improve or change features, fix bugs, and to keep up with...
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Release Notes: Informant for macOS 1.03

The next release for Informant for macOS is 1.0.3 .  This is a minor release that contains several fixes for issues that have come through support. Version 1.03 is current available as a Release Candidate if you choose to install beta builds.  We expect to...
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Informant 5 for iOS Release Notes 5.36

Release Notes for Informant 5 for iOS  5.36 Informant for iOS 5.36 has been submitted to Apple and should be released on 4/16-4/18 2018. • Improved process for updating watch data & complications • Opening an event or task detail on Apple Watch should...
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Informant 5 for iOS Release Notes 5.35

Release Notes 5.35 • IMPROVED: Searching now includes checklist items • Improved the logic for setting start/end times on an event when you convert a task to an event • Fixed an issue with certain custom recurrence rules on repeating tasks • Forced setting a...
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The “Own it” option is going away

The own it option for Informant 5 for iOS will be going away....for new customers. If you already have taken advantage of the Own-it option, nothing changes. You still have it, you will keep it. If you still want to take advantage of this option you have a...
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Time Picker Changes Coming to Informant 5 for iOS

Time Picker Changes Coming to Informant 5 for iOS If you have followed the posts here you may recall that we released a new date picker and time picker with Informant 5.00. While both were very innovative and had some great thought behind their design; both...
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Informant macOS 1.0.2 Release Notes

Final release notes for v1.0.2 (going live Monday March 5 2018). • NEW: Show Map Location contextual menu item is now enabled • NEW: Added subtask / checklist editor to the task editor • NEW: When you right-click on a specific date in a calendar view to make...
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Darren Gann

The "Only" productive app you will's not just the best but it's the only one you will need.

Karl Dietz

I have yet to see another calendar app do what this one does.

Peter Jonker

The Best organizer, in the galaxy!

Steve Tennant

The Best Memory in The World

Gary G Wilson

Best Productivity tool in the App Store

Scott Crossman

Best life organizer in the world

Philipp Effenberger

The best mate you can entrust your time with.

Julie Turner

The Best App in the App Store!!!

Lambert Peters

Can't live without it.


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