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“We are insanely passionate, you might even say “Fanatic” about creating the best productivity tools for managing your personal productivity; Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Notes. Pocket Informant has been one of the leading brands in Mobile productivity for close to 2 decades, and remains as one of the best calendar & tasks apps you can find anywhere. “

Informant for macOS – 0.8.5 Beta 4

Informant M9 Beta 4 Release Notes • NEW: Added support for Franklin-Style priorities! This means you can now use ABC/123 prioritization on Informant for macOS. They sync as expected from Informant for iOS. You can right-click on a task to quickly assign a...
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Release Notes: Informant for macOS Milestone 9 beta 3

As of Sept 26, this release is still considered "beta". You can access this release in Informant for macOS if you have Preferences>>Updates: "Include Beta Builds" enabled. Milestone 9 Beta 3 Welcome to the next beta installment of Milestone 9. We are...
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Release Notes Informant 5.3

Informant 5 is ready for iOS 11 - Release Notes for Informant 5.30 (these are bit more complete than the ones we posted in the App Store): NEW: • Informant is ready for  iOS 11 • NEW: Siri support for tasks. For instance, you can now tell Siri “Make a new...
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Printable Calendar – 2017 print features

Do you want a printable calendar in Informant for macOS?  Printing has been one of the popular request for Informant for macOS and we have promised "print" would be included as part of an Informant for macOS 1.0 release. We are diving into print in a big way...
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Release Notes: Informant for macOS

Hey all - Milestone 8.5.1 (Informant for macOS) is now live for all users. Here are the official public release notes: • Fixed issue where sometimes you might see gaps in your recurring events • Fixed issue where multi-day repeating events would show...
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How to Use Tags

How to Use Tags: Informant is a great app that has many advanced features that help you stay organized.  One of those features is Tags.  Tags are one of the top-level ways of organizing your data in Informant.  They are very flexible and ultimately you can...
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Informant stories and reviews

One of the best way to understand the true value of a product is to listen to the actual customers who use it.  This post is dedicated to highlighting some of the Fan-atic fans of Pocket Informant who have commented in a recent Facebook Post, or...
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Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager Informant is one advanced task manager. It is simple, yet so powerful. This post is dedicated to showing off some of the powerful task management related features that you might not yet be aware of. Lets start with some basic navigation...
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Informant Sync for Outlook Desktop – Beta is here!

Do you want to sync Informant with Outlook?  We have been quietly working on a new product that we are planning to name: Informant Sync for Outlook.  This will be a new option for people looking to sync their Informant data to Outlook on a windows PC with...
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Whats next for Informant ? (Post 5.2)

[post edited 9/18/17 to add additional links] I have been sitting on my hands just a bit before releasing this next post, and am very pleased, excited, and grateful to see the recent reviews of Informant 5.2 for iOS coming in at primarily four and five stars...
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The "Only" productive app you will's not just the best but it's the only one you will need.

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I have yet to see another calendar app do what this one does.

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The Best organizer, in the galaxy!

Steve Tennant

The Best Memory in The World

Gary G Wilson

Best Productivity tool in the App Store

Scott Crossman

Best life organizer in the world

Philipp Effenberger

The best mate you can entrust your time with.

Julie Turner

The Best App in the App Store!!!

Lambert Peters

Can't live without it.


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