Informant macOS 1.0.2 Release Notes

Beta 1
Informant is now Sandboxed  (this was reverted in 1.02 beta 2)
• Fixed an issue with certain custom recurrence rules on repeating tasks
• Fixed issue where the alarm for a task would fire even after you completed the task. Likewise, fixed issue where the alarm for a task or event would fire at the original time if you rescheduled that calendar item.
• Fixed various issues trying to save tags into a Trigger
• Reduced CPU use when multiple note windows are open
• Improved record/playback button behavior for voice notes
• Fixed issue where some tags would not show in the editor
• Improved the logic for setting start/end times on an event when you convert a task to an event
• Improved the layout and sizing of various text fields throughout the app for localizations that had longer strings than English
• Restored the behavior where hitting <return> in the editor should save and auto-dismiss the editor
• Improved overall stability (resolved a few “random” crashes)

If you downloaded this release you may need to manually download 1.02 beta 2 or 1.02 RC.

All Informant for macOS users can choose to download beta releases.

In 1.0.2 Beta 1, I made our direct-download app Sandboxed. It was a good idea…until I realized that interferes with our auto-update framework. So, in Beta 2, we are back to the main app not being sandboxed like before. The Mac App Store version will always be Sandboxed – requirement of the store (and updates are delivered through MAS, so we don’t use our auto-update framework on the MAS build).

Informant for macOS 1.0.2 Beta 2 is now live. NOTE: If you installed Beta 1, then auto-update will not work. There is a link in the sw update release notes to let you manually download and update to Beta 2. Here are the release notes:

• NEW: Show Map Location contextual menu item now works
• NEW: Added subtask / checklist editor to the task editor
• IMPROVED: Replaced “5 Day” option in Days view with “Weekday” option
• Fixed various subtle navigation issues with Days View
• Applying a trigger with subtasks or checklist items now works properly
• Fixed issue where applying a trigger to a task didn’t apply the project
• Fixed issue with event calendar handling when applying a trigger
• Fixed issue where Informant would sometimes mistakenly identify events as read only. Among other issues, this would cause some contextual menu options to be incorrectly disabled.
• Improvements to trigger name handling
• Improvements to making triggers from existing calendar items
• Subtasks were not always sorted properly
• Don’t offer priority of “Top” for Reminders (Apple doesn’t support “Top”)
• The priority menu for Reminders should always be standard priorities, even in Franklin Style mode
• Sometimes, when hovering over a task section header, we didn’t show the “show/hide” button
• Improved situation where sometimes an event/task editor would “randomly” close
• Fixed some clipping and layout issues on event and task rows when using small fonts
• Additional improvements to alarm handling
• Optimizations to Focus View
• Additional stability improvements
• Informant is no longer Sandboxed. Auto-updates are broken with sandboxing and the fix for that could take some more time.