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Small Company. Big Jobs.

Alex Kac

Founder/President, CEO, UX/UI Designer/iOS Engineer

Chris McSorley

COO/iOS Engineer

Yuriy Savchenko

Android Product Manager

Wesley Sandlin

Director of Customer Service

Amy Sandlin

Director of Marketing

Tabetha Moore

Support Technician


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Subscribed vs Free Pocket Informant 5 for iOS …

Subscribed vs Free Its come to our attention lately that there are a lot of Informant 5 users that rely on the application daily but may be missing out on some great features.  If you or someone you know happens to be using the "Free" version of Pocket Informant 5...

5.45 With the lock fix was just released!!!

WE are very happy to announce that Informant 5.45 with the lock fix was just released! Its identical fo 5.44 just without the lock bug so the 5.44 release notes do apply. Please contact support if you have any questions.

5.44 Lockout Bug Update

Apple has the update and they are reviewing it.  Once approved it will be released.  They do not offer any schedule and make no promises on when this will occur.  Our expedited request was accepted so I'm going to be optimistic and choose sooner rather than later. The...