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Alex Kac

Founder/President, CEO, UX/UI Designer/iOS Engineer

Chris McSorley

COO/iOS Engineer

Yuriy Savchenko

Android Product Manager

Wesley Sandlin

Director of Customer Service

Amy Sandlin

Director of Marketing

Tabetha Moore

Support Technician


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Pocket Informant for iOS Release 5.54 Has Arrived!!

We are happy to share with you the following Release Notes for Pocket Informant 5.54 Fixed! Fixed ability to toggle NLP (Natural Language Parsing) on and off.  This is done with a new gesture. Open a blank task or event editor and double tap the title field to...

How Pocket Informant even makes camping better

An example of how to use subtasks. Subtasks are cool with Pocket Informant, and here's how to use this feature! Often it's more efficient to break up a top level task into smaller pieces. Subtasks are merely a way to facilitate this. A task titled "Go Camping" is...