About Our Team

Small Company. Big Jobs.

Alex Kac

Founder/President, CEO, UX/UI Designer/iOS Engineer

Chris McSorley

COO/iOS Engineer

Yuriy Savchenko

Android Product Manager

Wesley Sandlin

Director of Customer Service

Amy Sandlin

Director of Marketing

Tabetha Moore

Support Technician


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Informant 5 for Android – Wish List

Informant 5 for Android We are starting now to gather the list of fixes, changes and improvements for Informant 5 for Android. We are still early in the process. If you want to share your thoughts or feedback you can check out the following blog post, or the Android...

Informant for iOS : 5.03 Bug Reports and 5.1

Informant 5 for iOS 5.03 We are pretty close to putting out a beta for 5.03 on Informant 5 for iOS.  Here are some of the items that we plan to have addressed or fixed. Version 5.03 will continue to improve stability and various aspects of our user interface.  Here...

A New Year, A New Chapter…

In the mid-2000s I worked with Franklin Covey on a mutually beneficial partnership that brought Franklin Covey features to Informant and saw Informant distributed with Franklin Covey desktop software. In many ways it was the golden age of Informant as we were at the...