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Alex Kac

Founder/President, CEO, UX/UI Designer/iOS Engineer

Chris McSorley

COO/iOS Engineer

Yuriy Savchenko

Android Product Manager

Wesley Sandlin

Director of Customer Service

Amy Sandlin

Director of Marketing

Tabetha Moore

Support Technician


Recent Blog Posts

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What is a Project?

This post will be a bit of a discussion of some of the project management features in Informant 5 for iOS & Informant for macOS. Did you know you CAN manage projects with Informant? Sure, everyone knows that Informant is a GREAT calendar app, but did you know that...

What Syncs? All about Sync

The purpose of this blog post is to shed some lite on all things sync related in Informant. This post is "kinda-technical" and if you don't have a stomach for the nitty-gritty details then you might want to check out the next one. Table 1:  Primary Features and which...