Want to know whats coming to Informant 5 for iOS?

This blog post is dedicated to letting you know what features, fixes, and improvement are coming to Informant 5.xx.

Informant 5.05 – Available in Apple’s App Store April 10, 2017.

  • Fix for change Google is making to OAuth on April 20th change that would otherwise break our Google Sync.  (5.05)
  • A few bugs left over from 5.04
  • Fixed issue where tasks that only had a start date (and no due date) would appear on unexpected days in the calendar view when your task mode was set to In Progress
  • Titles on note cells now reflect the color of a tag applied to them


Informant for iOS 5.1  

We are busy working on Informant 5.1.  Our primary objective with this release is to…

  • Improvements to new Date/Time Picker
    • Combine best parts of PI 4 date picker
      • Actual date selector shows calendar (instead of a wheel)
    • Best parts of PI 5
      • Stays “in-line”
      • Time picker will be present while picking a date. (No toggle back & forth)
  • Improvements to new View Picker
    • Left handed navigation
    • Tap-slide-select
    • Turn on/off view picker buttons – (Completed in 5.03)
  • Improvements to new Trigger feature
    • Improvements to I5 Triggers
      • Add option for All Day
      • Possibly add Alarms
      • Create trigger from existing task/event.
      • Several editor UX/UI improvements
  • A native watchOS 3 app (complete with a watch face complication)


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